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Nick Saban Salary, Net Worth, Contract, and  Real Estate

Nick Saban is a former head football coach at Alabama who bid a fond farewell in January 2024. Saban was the highest-paid college football coach in his last years. Although he is a well-known figure in college football, there’s still some uncertainty regarding his fortune. Many people ask about Nick Saban salary. 

He is a highly successful college football coach with a net worth of $93.2 million. At the end of his career at Alabama, he was the highest-paid college football coach earning over $12 million annually. He is widely considered one of the best in the sport’s history who won SEC Championships with different schools.


His coaching journey began in the 1970s, with his breakthrough at Michigan State University from 1995 to 1999. LSU saw significant success under his guidance from 2000 to 2004, including a BCS National Championship in 2003.

Who is the highest paid college football coach?
Nick Saban at the field (Source: News)

After a brief stint in the NFL, he returned to college football with the University of Alabama in 2007. During his time at Alabama, he established a football dynasty, winning multiple National Championships and maintaining a consistent top-tier presence. 

His disciplined and hard-working coaching style became synonymous with success. Saban announced his retirement from Alabama, leaving behind a lasting impact on the sport in January 2024. 

His role in shaping NFL players’ careers has extended beyond the field. His legacy extends beyond his coaching accomplishments, making him a significant figure in collegiate sports.

Nick Saban Salary and Contract in 2024

Nick Saban started his Alabama coaching journey in 2007 with an eight-year contract worth $32 million. His overall earnings increased to $55.2 million when he signed a contract extension in 2014. The contract has a clause requiring Alabama to pay Saban $23 million if he leaves the team.

Over the eight seasons, his average annual salary was around $6.9 million. He earned $11.5 million in 2017, including various bonuses.

He signed a lucrative eight-year contract with the Alabama Crimson Tide in June 2021, reaching a whopping $70 million. This agreement set his annual salary at approximately $8.8 million. He solidified his coaching position with an extension to his existing contract in August.

Dream Motor Group

Nick Saban is part-owner of the upscale car dealership chain, Dream Motor Group, with a focus on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. His ownership stake is undisclosed, but his company made a significant investment last year.

Does Nick Saban own a car dealership in Nashville?
Nick Saban at his car dealership (Source: News)

Dream Motor Group invested $700 million in two Mercedes-Benz dealerships in South Florida in November 2023. The company, co-owned by Saban, is actively expanding its presence, currently boasting ownership of nine dealerships in the Southern US.

Nick Saban’s Real Estate

Nick Saban and his wife Terry purchased a Tuscaloosa home for $2.9 million in 2007. Saban sold the property to the Crimson Tide Foundation for $3.1 million in 2013 under an agreement with the University. 

Despite the sale, Saban and his family continued residing in the house, with the foundation covering housing costs and property taxes. Additionally, he owned a property on Lake Burton, which was approximately 1.7 acres.

This piece of real estate fetched an impressive $11 million in an auction in 2013. He made another notable real estate investment on Jupiter Island, Florida, this time for $17.5 million in 2023. This property was originally listed for $21.5 million, but he secured it for a substantial amount.

Saban’s Daughter Excited About Dad Golfing with 50 Cent, Travis Scott

Nick Saban, the famous college football coach, is enjoying his retirement in a cool way! His daughter Kristen shared a picture of him playing golf with some big stars like 50 Cent and Travis Scott. They were at a fancy golf event in Florida to raise money for kids who need help, especially in STEM education.

Kristen was super excited about her dad playing golf with these music superstars and shared it on Twitter. She said, “Dad played golf with 50 Cent and Travis Scott like no big deal. It’s all too good..”

But it wasn’t just them; lots of other famous sports legends were there too, like baseball greats Johnny Bench, George Brett, and others. From different sports, there were icons like Julius Erving, Marshall Faulk, and more.

Even though Nick Saban looked like he was having a great time in the pictures, a newspaper mentioned that he takes golf seriously. He wasn’t completely happy with how he played, saying, “It’s been good, having a great time, but my golf game is not as good as I’d like it to be.”

Thinking about Saban’s golf journey reminds us of his early coaching days in 2007. Back then, he took over a football team that needed work. If his coaching history is any hint, he might win this big golf event in a year or two, just like he did in football.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Nick Saban make his money?

Saban retired with a net worth of $93.2 million, largely due to a lucrative contract extension in 2022. He pocketed a total of $13,142,857 for each national title. His final contract included a rewards package that could potentially increase his salary by another $1.1 million.

Who is Nick Saban’s wife?

Nick Saban is married to Terry Saban. The love story unfolded on December 18, 1971, when he tied the knot with Terry Constable.

What happened to Nick Saban?

Nick Saban is stepping down as coach of Alabama’s football team after 17 years. The Crimson Tide won six national titles after Saban guided them for 12 years. The initial report on this development came from ESPN.

Who has beaten Nick Saban the most?

The Auburn Tigers have won the most games against Saban in 2023. They’ve outplayed the legendary coach on eight different occasions.

Nick Saban’s illustrious coaching career did not only include exceptional on-field achievements but also substantial financial rewards. Nick Saban salary was $6.9 million annually and has a net worth of $93.2 million when he retired. His final contract included a substantial salary increase and rewards package, which boosted his earnings.