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Quick Garage Projects that Add to Home Value

What homeowner wouldn’t love to increase the value of their home without a huge investment? Although few remodeling or renovation projects cost little but pay back a lot, focusing on the home’s garage provides one of the areas that does just that.

Remodeling a Garage vs. Renovating a Garage

When you remodel a room or home, you use what you already own, reconfiguring it or reupholstering it. Painting and wallpapering fall into remodeling, but renovating includes adding to or altering structural elements.

When you renovate a room, you might knock out an interior wall or add a dividing wall. Adding built-in bookcases or shelving racks also falls into this category of home transformation. Most garages need at least a small renovation to create a most useful and attractive utility space.

Start with the Floor

The subfloor of the home typically shows in the garage of a home. It typically features the concrete slab that comprises the subfloor beneath the rest of the home’s finished flooring. Of course, since you park vehicles weighing thousands of pounds on the garage floor, it makes sense that it doesn’t feature carpet or vinyl tile.

That doesn’t mean it must appear dreary because a flooring professional specializing in garage epoxy in Nashville can add a layer of paint mixed with an epoxy sealant that transforms the floor into a gleaming, hearty sight. If the concrete cracked or chipped, have a mason repair those problems before adding the epoxy. Like all other types of flooring, it goes best on a smooth, unobscured surface.

Update the Garage Door

A new garage door updates both the home’s exterior and the garage’s interior. Choose from a range of door types, including roll-up, accordion, swing-open, barn doors, and carriage house doors.

Whichever style you choose offers numerous painted or finishing colors. Today’s garage doors come in a range of materials, too. Aluminum, stainless steel, and wood offer the most common options. A new garage door costs between $800 and $4,000.

Perhaps you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon. You want to change the appearance of the garage door without major expense. Use a vinyl wrapper similar to those used on vehicles to advertise businesses. Typically, costing less than $100, these easily installed wraps instantly change the look of the existing garage door. Pick a solid color, print, or mural to remodel your garage in an instant.

Add Storage to the Ceiling and Walls

A garage can provide far more function than just a spot to park vehicles. Install ceiling-mounted shelving to store infrequently used items, such as holiday decorations. Cover at least one wall with shelving or cubby squares, providing a spot for each family member to stash their stuff. Whether they own camping gear, tools, or toys, these wall storage areas keep items off the floor and organized.

Getting Started on Your New Garage

These three major tasks, the floor, the door, and the storage, require professional contractors to accomplish properly. Start by searching for “epoxy garage floor near me,” then find a garage door installer and a master carpenter. You can quickly revamp your garage to provide more utility and add to your home’s financial and aesthetic value.