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Why Pets Are Popular Companions?

People have pets for various reasons. Some people may have several animals around because they’re not crazy about people. They may have a dog for protection or a cat because it’s a relatively clean animal. Either way, pets are a great source of companionship for many people worldwide, and here are some reasons why.

Constant Welcome

Imagine coming home and always being greeted by your beloved pet. That is the experience of many homeowners when they get back from work or even a short outing. Dogs and cats are often known for greeting their owner at the door.

You may even hear them barking or meowing before you turn the key. Having a pet greet you when you arrive can be a great way to dissolve the stress you may have had at work. Thanks to your animal, you’re coming home to a warm and welcoming environment.


While relationships with people matter for your health, they’re not always unconditional. Unfortunately, many people prefer relationships based on transactions, jobs, how much money one has, etc. If you don’t want such superficial relationships, it may be difficult to be around certain groups or environments. At least with pets, they are there for you unconditionally.

After all, your dog, cat, hamster, or snake doesn’t care about what type of car you drive. Your fur baby won’t judge you for not wearing the latest fashions. Even if you’re considered a social pariah, your animal will love and greet you any time of day or night.

Health Aids and Alerts

Are you experiencing deteriorating health? Do you have a chronic illness that may result in you passing out unexpectedly? If you have an illness that has made you homebound, it may be hard to socialize with other humans. Certain pets provide additional companionship and a health alert in an emergency.

Dogs have been trained to predict an epileptic fit in those battling epilepsy. Some dogs have even sniffed out cancer before the person knew they had it. There was a famous news report of a pig that saved its owner’s life by running out into the street and playing dead until someone came inside the home.

Plus, trained dogs can get items for you from the refrigerator or the parts of your home. These dogs can also be used as seen eye dogs in case you are visually impaired.

Pets serve so many purposes to a pet parent. They give you companionship, loyalty, and love and can even help you during a health crisis. If you’re a loving pet parent, give your animal the love it deserves by giving them a comfortable shelter such as those available at Clearly Loved Pets . Remember to have plenty of treats and toys available for your fur babies. After all, they deserve it.