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Nick Gereffi Death: What Happened To Him?

Nick Gereffi died on December 2017 at age 33 but what was the cause of death?

So who is Nick Gereffi? He was among the members of the Bowling Miscia Casting in New York City. Nick also worked on YOU for the entire season.

Nick graduated in 2012 and earned the degree in Communication Arts. He also received a posthumous award in 2018 at the associate spotlight award in the category New York Film and Television due to his role in Society of America’s or CSA Artios Award.

Before his death, Nick worked as one of the casting directors alongside Beth Bowling and Kim Miscia on the TV series Gotham. He also worked on other TV programs such as Master of None, You, and Falling Water.

Many fans know him as the funny guy in MMC due to his kind heart, sense of humor, and sharp wit.

Cause of death of Nick Gereffi

Unfortunately, the details on the cause of death are not made public. May he rest in peace.