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Nick Sivo Wife, Net Worth & Bio

Nick Sivo is a famous entrepreneur who co-founded Loopt. He now resides in Silicon Valley.

When he was still a student alongside Sam Altman, his boyfriend, he was working to build Loopt. And in 2005, they managed to launch the company as one of the first batches of Y Combinator.

Many years later, Sam and Sivo are still involved heavily in Y Combinator. Furthermore, Sam is now the accelerator’s head, while Sivo is contributing to Hacker News.

Loopt was acquired by Green Dot Corporation at a valuation of $43.4 million back in March 2012. To this day, Nick Sivo is still a member of the board of directors in the company.

Nick Sivo Wikipedia

We can’t find any page on Nick Sivo on Wikipedia.


He is unmarried. Additionally, Nick is also a gay man who had a relationship with Sam Altman for about nine years.

Net worth

He is a wealthy man but there is no official report on his net worth yet.

Nick Children

He has no children at the moment.


His height is currently unknown, however, some speculate that he is about 5 feet.

Nick Parents

Nick is not really open about his private life.


He is an American.


Nick Sivo studied computer science at Stanford University. He was mainly learning about computer and network security with a touch of machine learning.

Nick Age

He is assumed to be somewhere between 32 and 40 years old.